Sunday, June 17, 2012

We can meet for coffee

It is informal; close to your location of choice. An informal, casual and non threatening meeting place.

In this digital day and age, Forms and PDF's we can read are on my iPAD, or on my laptops, Digital Signatures and rocket sticks for instant online access. Will I register you into the Buyers Registration 

System with your Home Selection Criteria?

We will discussing your financial capacity, employment and urgency for being located into the new property. Your credit score, down payment sources and when funds will be available with the offer.

I will need to print for you a sample of available properties for sale that meet your availability and timing. This is then packaged for you into a Buyers Agency folder with; 

Or we could meet at my Office.

Yes, I keep an office because we still need the PRIVACY.

We need a location where you can look at an offer, read the information, digest the content and context, ponder and consider the negotiation at hand and formulate a decision, WITHOUT ambient noise and over your shoulder Looky Lou's....

Yes even in this day and age with the work from home concept; I still like my office.    Where would you like to meet?

Shopping this summer?  Lets get started...

+David Pylyp

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