Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No one explains How or Who will Pay?

Facing Budget reductions or double digit tax increases? Can we afford the transit we need but have none of the money to build? Who will fund Breakfasts for Kids to Child Daycare subsidies?

Toronto - With Toronto's 2012 operating and capital draft budget laid out, more than 300 Torontonians signed up to deliver public deputations in front of the budget committee at city hall. On Wednesday, we got to hear what more than a dozen had to say.
The City of Toronto has held public consultations, hearings and deputations over the past several months. Digital Journal reported in the summer of the 24-hour meeting where hundreds of residents provided their thoughts on the Core Service Review. Last month, Digital Journal reported on the Toronto Transit Commission holding a town hall meeting to receive feedback from transit riders.
On Wednesday, the budget committee, chaired by Councillor Mike Del Grande, gave hundreds of Torontonians the chance to deliver public deputations. Exactly 348 names were listed, but the budget chief said that it looked like that they would not go through the entire list either today or tomorrow.
Prior to the meeting, Del Grande explained that each deputant would be allowed three minutes and then one minute for each question asked by a city councillor. Furthermore, he noted that Wednesday and Thursday’s consultations would run until 9:30 p.m.
City Councillor and Budget Chief Mike Del Grande speaking during Media Availability at the mayor s o...
City Councillor and Budget Chief Mike Del Grande speaking during Media Availability at the mayor's office.
Each person had their opportunity to share their frustrations, suggestions and even accolades to the proposed 2012 operating and capital draft budget that was released last month. The budget, which Mayor Rob Ford labelled as “smart,” includes a 2.5 percent property tax increase, 10-cent TTC fare hike, reductions in library hours, the closure of wading pools and the elimination of 2,300 City staff.

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Will Rob Ford stand by his committment to eliminate the Toronto Land Transfer Tax on Home Purchases?

If the city drops the tax, how will they make up the extra 400 Million in revenues?

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