Friday, November 25, 2011

What is your take on 2012?

What is your plan for 2012... Have you talked about what to do? Will you economize or spend heartily through this Christmas season?

Are the interest rates even an issue given that they will hold firm at 2.0% +/- Var and 3.15% F?

I was watching the coverage of the Black Friday shopping line ups and cross border time delays and thought, so many, taking a day off to shop for bargains, yet there seem to be so many sales here in Mississauga and Toronto.

The Apple store is always busy So lets take that one out of the equation, but, our own Rodeo Drive in Mississauga and the Big Box Stores that surround Mavis and Brittania, Brittania at McLaughlan is always busy.

The cranes around Toronto and Mississauga indicate the confidence others have in our economy, academia, business and long term growth. We continue to be a destination for cash, safe haven for the tired and oppressed and even our own citizens that made claims #occupyToronto of Corporate Greed and Tyranny. Yet it's those very same corporations that employ the majority of the work force. So lets strip a few issues further down and we come to the issue of Affordable Housing. This is indeed being addressed with Bill 140 and the Affordable Housing Act 2011 that comes into effect Jan 1st 2012.

Why is no one discussing this. I have emailed a few reporters but they seem more interested to paraphrase a news release than research a story.

Are you house shopping in 2012? New updated PRE Listing Kits are available if you are screening agents to represent your property next year. Accordingly I have also updated the Buyer Home Purchase Packages for Toronto and Mississauga; You need merely to call or email and I 'll get one to you.

Our own situation is a little different. We may be graced with a job lock out at the City of Toronto, and my BFF may become my Assistant instead. This lockout will cause financial drain to many families notwithstanding the impact to City Services. In favour or against is academic. The reality is budgeting cashflow. The City needs to balance its budgets as household's do.

Our Festivities this year might be modest because of the uncertainty of next years income; I do not relish the Rob Ford's lump of Coal in my Christmas Stocking.

How are you planning for 2012?

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