Monday, October 24, 2011

Merging Family Units or Assisted Living?

So they are getting on in years and your family is almost grown. You're suffering from strong pangs of obligation for your family. Do you bring them in to live with you? Should you look at a separate condo for them to have their own space and privacy? Are you also considering Assisted Living facilities?

Of course, there is the other side of the family that also has elders to consider and as the responsible sibling; obligations always seem to fall to you.

SO, Your Mom and Dad are still active and care free, they could stay in their own home for years to come but will require assisted living soon. Barring anything that is an unexpected medical event or a catostrophic event; things could sail along for years just the way they are. The challenge is on the other side of the marriage where parents are a little older, require more attention, care and assistance to make those seemingly weekly Doctor visits and driving in Toronto does give you some concern.

Can I propose a solution that has worked for another family?

Would you consider an EIGHT bedroom house?
Actually it could be better described as a house with three distinct living zones.

Each family unit could maintain their independent lifestyle yet have access to the communal dinners, events and especially the time and affection of their grand children that previously required staged and planned visits.

If the unification of a family in this fashion can solve your Living Challenges, Save you a minimum of $5,000 per month as compared with a Condo and Assisted Living expenses, I would be pleased to arrange a visit for you in a Luxury Etobicoke Neighbourhood at Islington and Kingsway.

We should be paying attention to the People's needs filling business. What is your need? Lets find your solution together

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Many assisted-living facilities allow home-health agencies to come in and offer services for residents. Some states may allow facilities to have a resident nurse or therapist to help with minor medical problems. And some states even allow variances for assisted living to offer limited nursing-home services. Thank you...

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