Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marketing Secrets for Toronto Real Estate

Your Home Marketing Specialist - So why is it some homes sell instantly on the Toronto West Real Estate Market while others languish around and finally expire unsold. There are simple tools that not everyone is aware of to get houses sold. SO what are the best ways to attract buyers? You are.

You are the Home Marketing specialist that I need to engage to help me sell your home. I need you to answer some direct and important questions about your home... What made you buy this house? What was unique about this property from all those available to you when you purchased?

What about this house has improved your lifestyle? What are the individual business's and events that surround your community? How are you living in this house? What makes it work best for you? What have your guests said about your home when they visit? What can you do in this house that you cannot do elsewhere? Ultimately, even though houses are the same; What makes this house different?

By answering these questions with me, I will be able to prepare targeted specific marketing to individuals or families that is now where you were once before. This will be highly focused to attract the right family. They will be the most qualified buyers, highly motivated, willing to make the best offer because the house will be perfect for their needs. You know your home best and I am an Accredited Senior Agent and Marketing Specialist. Together we can sell your largest asset in a smooth and efficient fashion that will be the most profitable for you. David Pylyp call me at 647 218 2414 I answer my own phone.

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