Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear For Sale By Owner

The Next time a For sale By Owner opens up to me about how agents do nothing...

I help them overcome their fear, uncertainty and doubt; I help assage their insecurities, I help them secure financing and move forward with the first or second large ticket purchase of their lives.
I am observing a situation right now where a [FSBO] is selling their "nest egg" and a very pretty custom built home in Etobicoke. Each time an agent is hired; the [FSBO] micro manages the events, photos, signage, Video marketing, Online Presentations, Brochures and hand outs, advertising.... I have a 3' x 5' sign, "Its ok I have my own." You get it.

What is the result?

Crash and Burn! The listing expires and yet again the [FSBO] blames the agents. How they.... Two people struggling for control be it a bus ride, or a plane landing there can only be one in command.

This is a wonderful example of two people fighting for control. Actually at cross purpose.

Will he listen to a sage experienced agent. "We don't need NO agent" and I watch after a few months that the same house is now listed again as a "mere" listing and the fight starts again. My responsibility is to point out your options, Market your home professionally, make suggestions and then follow your "LAWFUL" instructions. After all, it is your money.

In our local Toronto market we have been blessed with a continuous upswing that may or may not continue as it has. Imagine if this [HOUSE] was in a declining market as they have in the United States? That property could have expended 20% or more of its equity in the last 36 months.

What can I do that a FSBO cannot?

I can call a Purchasing Prospect [A BUYER] back without sounding desperate about selling my home. I can negotiate to obtain an offer without revealing MY SELLERS net bottom line position. What do you have?

As always your comments are invited. Want to sell? Call me.


Mobile Real Estate Services said...

I really liked this post. I come across many people who have had a poor experience with an agent in the past and feel listing by owner is the best way. Unfortunately Realtors do not have the best reputation, and we have to constantly address this issue to do anything about it.

shopTOism said...

That is exactly this issue!

We must continue to demonstrate tangible value to our clients!

Thank you for your response!

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent

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