Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Senior Accredited Agent or Transition Manager

You may be dealing with your Mom or Dad's house or estate. Maybe you have moved out of province, You might be the estate trustee or executor. We can provide you transition management services as an accredited Senior agent.

This may be to secure the property, have the locks changed, and inventory the contents, evaluations and appraisals prior to distribution; Maybe there is art, antiques, silver or collectibles to deal with.

These issues need to be handled with a little sensitivity and Tact, especially between remaining greiving family members. One person needs to be appointed as the responsible party or to have family lawyer give instructions,

5 people giving instructions is management by committee and we know that is challenging.

So if you are dealing with a Seniors issue for home care. I can provide resources to your for in home visitation and nursing referrals or maybe placement to a live in retirememt community. It could be a cash flow issue where you have a house worth hundreds of thousands but the taxes and operating expenses are eating your savings and pensions. We could consider a H E L O C or even the CHIP Home income plan,

Remember I am vested to make the best descision Not to advice you to sell immediately. As an accredited Senior agent We can help with your estate planning future needs. Give me a call for Toronto Etobicoke to Oakville. David Pylyp 647 218 2414


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