Sunday, November 21, 2010

Open House Indignation or Etiquette

Had an open house at Kipling and Bloor this past weekend; the winds are a bit cooler, the leaves have blown off their trees, we have already been visited by frost. It’s the last few weeks with weather warm enough to hang the outside lights. I like Open Houses. It gives me a chance to meet the people in the enclave and those that want the neighbourhood. This house was vacant and staged. Asking $1.2 MM

[He] wanders in alone just as I open up, dressed in a shirt without a jacket or coat, takes the feature sheet offered. “Live in the neighbourhood?” I ask, and he meekly remarks “No, I’m not from around here”. He quickly makes his way upstairs to the second level.

When shopping and people follow me; When asked “Can I help you?” Shoppers usually respond with the standard “I’m just looking.” So.. I left him alone… initially.

[He] was upstairs for an abnormal length of time without the shuffling of feet between rooms on the second floor. The wide oak plank flooring on the second was a gleaming satin finish, no runners installed. Had I missed his departure? Had he slipped past? As I went upstairs, the bathroom door at the end of the hall was closed. The light could be seen under the door.

I inquire…. Is there toilet paper in that bathroom?

I waited… and there it was … a sheepish response…. “NO, I should have looked first.”

There it was. An Open House Violator. I had him trapped.

But, there were other people that started to enter the house and I needed the bathroom to show off the property, not trap an unsuspecting tourist. I found a box of Kleenex in a drawer and made my way upstairs. I casually remarked “I hope you didn’t lock the door” opening the door enough to place the needed supplies on the counter and backed away.

When he came downstairs I was busy with other people. We made eye contact, he nodded and made his escape. He didn’t do anything wrong; just should have asked first. What if there was no water or supplies?

Now, I understood the concept of trap and release.

If you have an Open House Story of your own, feel free to add it to the comments section below. Sometimes we just need to laugh out loud together.

If you need a contact in Toronto, that keeps wet naps handy in the car, give me ring!

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