Wednesday, June 16, 2010

G20 Summit in Toronto!

Exciting Opportunity! Yes Opportunity!

G8 is dealing with issues like Global Warming, Moving Forward with Financial Recovery post a global recession. And Canada is Hosting! What an Honour! Last three in Canada were in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta

G20 is created / expanding to include other involved nations as our problems truly are global in nature. Business, Global Warming, Economies, Manufacturing, Trade, Jobs! If you don't think that global trade, jobs and Business are related; you need a quick economy update.

The financial sector and banking controls alone and the events of 2008 showed us how interdependent, intertwined and joined all the global economies are. While Canada faired better than others; Houses bought and sold in the United States were ultimately financed by Mortgages bought and Paid for with Foreign Investment Dollars, (Packaged as Million Dollar blocks of Housing Mortgages and sold on global markets as investments) When the home owner defaulted the investments lost value and ultimately a small town in Iceland declared bankruptcy. All these things are related.

We are all related.

Let's not let a few protesters and naysayers hijack the global stage that is Toronto. A shining beacon of how multiculturalism, racial tolerance, the melting pot of cultures can co exist in peaceful harmony within our city. Lets name 10 great things about Toronto!

Lets showcase how our building, construction and housing sector is leading the financial and
employment job growth markets. ( Every crane you see on a construction site is a 15% down payment with a financial commitment to pay on delivery for the condo ordered)

Vandalism is Vandalism. Hooligans spraying TTC shelters with spray bombs are merely misguided. Call the police if you see these things happening. Take a picture with your cell phone, iPhone cameras. Video the event! How does spray painting an ATM machine indicate protest? Was their debit card over limit? Is life in Canada that Harsh?

We all came here for a better life; Sound investments, a safe place to raise a family, better education and health care, a cleaner place to live, business without theft or corruption, Consumer protection laws and EMPLOYMENT with real wages. Now, if we could fix the real issues, POT HOLES and summer construction. We need to deal with Toronto Transit Issues, Funding and Taxation, Garbage Incineration, Hydro Generation, Windmills and Clean Energy. We are moving quickly to a knowledge based economy.

Lets not let this opportunity to showcase Toronto on the world stage pass us by.

If you would like to invest in a growing economic center, a destination for immigration and migration, a place where peoples cultures are shared, and enjoyed, then come and let's find you some investment properties in Toronto.

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