Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Energy Audit - Green Energy Act

If Ontario’s new Green Energy Act passes, Bill 150, You will be paying $300 for a home energy audit. This will be a tax only if you wait until you sell your home. The system will work in your favour if you do your audit now and make energy improvements.  

The home energy audit could be a good investment. Once your home energy audit is complete (up to 18 months), you will be on record and won’t need to pay for another audit when you eventually sell; probably years from now. The audit visit and blower-door test takes a few hours and the energy consultants are knowledgable. The resulting 13-page report details where and why your home is not energy efficient, makes suggestions for improvement and educates you about grants. That in itself is a lot of value for $300.

The province will match the federal grants in the ecoENERGY Retrofit program, so you will be getting back twice the rebates. You could rent or hire help to blow in bales of cellulose insulation into walls and attic. With both grants for which you now qualify, you will get back more than $1,600. Buying a few tubes of caulking to seal up cracks that were letting in cold air will get you another $300 in federal and provincial grants. 

You may need to replace your hot water heater soon and if you invest in an instantaneous gas water heater, you will get back another $500. And you will not have to fill out any forms to submit to either government.

The energy audit company does all the paperwork. You just sit back and wait for the cheques to arrive. 

The focus is how much you can expect to save on your energy bills as a result of upgrading your older home. Imagine, our government paying us to “go green”. And imagine the energy savings in the hundreds of dollars every year because you knew the problems to fix. 

You can bet potential homebuyers are more savvy and asking tough questions about energy efficiency. The old days of taking cheap energy for granted are over. In response to this, Royal Bank is offering a rebate on the cost of the Home Energy Audit for its Mortgage Clients.

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