Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Many people in real estate now


Despite the increased competition in the market, more and more people want to become licensed real estate agents.

» The Real Estate Council of Ontario, or RECO, the regulating body for agents in Ontario, says there has been a 20 per cent overall increase in the number of registrants in Ontario since 2005, with the agency processing more than 400 applications for new registrations each month. In 2003, there were about 300 new applications per month processed by the agency.

In 2005, Ontario had 40,665 registrants with 11,675 of those coming from Toronto (M postal codes) and 26,792, which included Toronto and Brampton, Durham, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Orangeville, and York. In 2007, Ontario had 49,429 registrants with 12,472 of those coming from Toronto (M postal codes) and 29,222, which included Toronto and Brampton, Durham, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Orangeville, and York.

As of Feb. 1, 50,000 agents were registered with RECO in Ontario. » An increase can also been seen (in the past three years) in memberships with the Toronto Real Estate Board: 2005 – 22,953; 2006 – 24,894; 2007-26,861; 2008 – a further 185, taking the total number close to 27,046.

» ReMax says it has 8,540 agents in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. (nationally 17,600).
In 2007, of the 751 agents it added to its roster, 445 were in the Ontario-Atlantic region, which was the largest growth for ReMax globally last year. As well, in 2006, of the 1,200 new agents, 650 were from the Ontario-Atlantic area. This region has been growing by 400 to 600 agents on average per year, with growth ranging from 5 per cent to 10 per cent over 10 years.
Sources: Real Estate Council of Ontario, Toronto Real Estate Board, ReMax Rakshande Italia

Having had a carreer in corporate finance on Bay Street, I have thrived on the flexible schedule capability of being in real estate yet I am determined to be a valued asset and resources to my clients. Many now are looking for advise in dealing with parents, their homes, and elder care. each situation requires tact and patience. It's interesting to see my clients children now buying their first home.

With almost 20 years of real estate experience in the Toronto West Market, I must always upgrade my skills to meet the market's expectations. This now includes a strong website presence, innovative presentations via email and video marketing. The market requires a balance of doing it quickly, getting the best price, or doing the cheapest possible. In life, as with many things, usually you have to settle for two out of three.

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shopTOism said...

I was recently made aware that the Toronto Real Estate Board has a member ship of almost 33,000 members that are chasing 89,000 transactions per year.

We still permit sister real estate boards IE Oakville OMREB to post their listings on the Toronto Real Estate Board (Stratus)to extend their reach but the smaller board wants us to join them.

The territory around Oakville is already posting to the Toronto real estate board.

Is it territorial or exclusivity? For me its serving my clients the best way possible and that is maximum Google exposure.

David Pylyp